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Hunt Town is a Web3 builders' society aimed at helping each other's projects succeed, open to anyone involved with Web3 projects.

Web3 builders society

You can connect with Web3 builders from diverse backgrounds who are engaged in constructing Web3 products.

Projects built by guild members

By collaborating with builders from all around the world in the guild, you can take your project to the next level.

Builder-driven Web3 info feed

Stay ahead of the curve with Hunt Town guild's curated Web3 events, investments, and job listings, handpicked by builders in the space.
Builders share Web3 events from all around the world.
Which instantly create a forum for information exchange and networking among builders.
Bring a skilled builder on board to join your team.
Brilliant product ideas shared by fellow builders are more inspiring.
Hunt Building NFT that helps you build
1 Building NFT contains 1000 HUNT locked up tokens for 1 year
1 HUNT Building NFT= 1000 HUNT= $null USD= null ETH
Get or Mint NFT
Buy from others
Mint yourself
Apply for grant
Building NFT Market Value
Mini Building NFT
1 Mini Building NFT contains 100 HUNT with no lockup on the Mint Club bonding curve, with a 5% fee on burning.
1 HUNT Mini Building NFT100 HUNT= $null USD= null ETH
Get or Mint NFT
Buy from others
Mint yourself
Builders get paid
Building on Warpcast? Building NFT holders get daily points on Warpcast, which you can use to tip other builders & projects.
Each season, a grant is given to the projects & builders with most tips received

BUILD Point System

Guild members who verify Building NFTs can earn BUILD points, which are virtual points that can be used within the Hunt Town guild.
Contact Book
Web3 Voucher
Chat AI
Art AI
BUILD points are airdropped everyday for Building and Mini Building NFT owners
You can run bounty tasks by using BUILD points, or earn by joining them.
Use Contact Book - email contact finder for Web3 services/companies.
Use Web3 vouchers of exclusive offers from many important services such as Alchemypay, Hyperithm, CertiK, etc.
You can use ChatGPT that is constantly learning about Web3-relevant topics
and Midjourney - drawing AI - directly in the guild with more features.
Web3 vouchers for guild members only
Enjoy the exclusive offers from many Web3 services by using your BUILD points.
BNB Chain
Crypton Studio
NFT Minting Site
Block Crafters
Please note that the service provider may alter or remove the conditions detailed above, and Hunt Town will not be held liable for any such modifications. It is therefore recommended that you conduct your own research (DYOR) to stay updated. Additionally, we cannot guarantee the reliability of every service.

HUNT Token

Key currency for the Hunt Town ecosystem, accelerating Web3 project building for builders and facilitating the use of its Web3 tools.
... ETH
Volume (24H):
Total supply:
Circulating supply:
Liquidity in Uniswap:

Binding token for HUNT Building NFTs
Minting of 1 HUNT Building NFT requires 1,000 HUNT tokens to be locked-up for one year. After this lock-up period, the NFT holder can burn his/her Building NFT and the 1,000 HUNT tokens will be returned to the person.

Key currency for the Hunt Town tools
It can be directly used in each tool or be utilised as a vehicle token for different purposes.

Base token targeting guild members
When a tool or platform tries to consume the Hunt Town guild members, the TGE (Token Generation Event) can be designed by a fair-launch token model rather than a simple airdrop event.

Hunt Town Discord
Join Hunt Town's Web3 builders' guild and access a thriving network of builders and resources to build and grow your products.