My Buildings
A Web3 builders guild where builders come together to contribute to the expansion of Web3 culture and products.
What is Hunt Town?
Product managers
Community managers
An open space for Web3 builders to kickstart their Web3 journey.
No-code/low-code tools for builders
Primary Town has many of its own native no-code/low-code tools for builders to launch their Web3 projects.
Dixel Club
A multi-chain NFT launching platform where people can create a pixel-colourful NFT project in minutes
Mint Club
A smart token building platform that has no need to code and provides instant liquidity
A on-demand task marketplace that helps to create marketing missions for products, social channels, etc
A daily ranking community for cool new products by tech early-adopters with crypto rewards
A lock-up smart contract designed for long-term crypto investors that pays a bonus to the winners
LOL Hunt
A daily top chart for funny Youtube clips that anyone can upload, on which user data is stored privately via blockchain
Web3 builders directory
A global directory of Web3 builders from different backgrounds, who are involved in building Web3 products
Virtual co-working space for builders
An online venue for Web3 builders where a vareity of activities can be hosted
Daily work threads
Launching schedulers
Community support
BUILDCon / competitions
Research threads
Meetings and events
Group challenges
Seeking project team members
Marketing and collaboration
Share inspirations
A building that helps you build
Rent-free, just hold HUNT.
You need HUNT tokens
You can mint a HUNT Building NFT by locking up 1,000 HUNT tokens for one year & return it back by burning the NFT after the lock-up period.
Mint a HUNT Building NFT
HUNT Building is an NFT that acts as a base engine for Web3 builders on Hunt Town.
Earn BUILD Points
Web3 builders on Hunt Town can co-work on their Web3 projects by using the BUILD Point system.
HUNT Token
A key currency for Hunt Town ecosystem to accelerate builders onboarding/ bootstrapping within the Hunt Town guild and using its Web3 tools.
UpbitHuobi GlobalUniswap (V3)MEXC GlobalPoloniexGOPAXProBit Global
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Binding token for HUNT Building NFTs
Minting of 1 HUNT Building NFT requires 1,000 HUNT tokens to be locked-up for one year. After this lock-up period, the NFT holder can burn his/her Building NFT and the 1,000 HUNT tokens will be returned to the person.
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Key currency for the Hunt Town tools
It can be directly used in each tool or be utilised as a vehicle token for different purposes.
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Base token targeting guild members
When a tool or platform tries to consume the Hunt Town guild members, the TGE (Token Generation Event) can be designed by a fair-launch token model rather than a simple airdrop event.
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Hunt Town Discord
Join Hunt Town's Web3 builders' guild and access a thriving network of builders and resources to build and grow your products.